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We are professionals in Qur’an Readings, management  and engineering . We consider Islamic nation as a building structure which needs maintenance from time to time. Islamic nation became weak due to some wrong understanding of Islam.

We are not a member of any Islamic group or party and we are not aligned to any governmental body; therefore we are looking to the defects in Islamic nation from a position not affected by the desires of any group or party or certain government or even ourselves desires.

We have a pure Islamic understanding based on Qur’an and sunnah. We ask Allah his help to succeed in our mission and we need the full cooperation of those who like Islamic nation to be the best nation among the other nations.

We will work hard and sincerely to repair the defects appeared in the structure of Islamic Nation by correcting the understanding of several matters. We established this website in Arabic, English and in the nearest future Insha’Allah in other languages.

We consider any Muslim, male or female regardless of his race or group or mathhab or nationality or position, a part of the structure and he should be perfect to some extent otherwise he will not be functional in the structure. The same as in the building, any bad material will not be used in the building. Then we will inspect the bonds between the parts of the building to assure that each part is fixed properly in the structure. Weak bonds will result in a weak structure which will lead the structure to collapse.

Prophet peace be upon him said ( Moslem to Moslem is the same as the building  each part of it is good connected to the other part).

The supervisor has memorized Qur’an and study hadith of prophet peace be upon him and he came to know that Islamic nation defects are due to wrong understanding of some matters in Islam.

The supervisor was born in the holy land , he was  lost  in the holy city while he was a child of 4 years old and guided by Allah to reach his house which is faraway , he was  not good in academic study in grade 1 and he was the 1st among the students of the holy city in general secondary school exam.



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