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Reformation Directives Print E-mail

1st Directive:

Dear righteous and reformers,

One of the most defects took place in our Islamic nation nowadays is killing people.

There is almost no day passes without killing.

What are the reasons for that?

Almost it is due to bad relations between one part of the nation and the other part.

In most of the cases those who are killed have no relation with any part.

It means they are innocent people,

Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him said ( To destroy ka’bah is less dangerous than to kill Muslim without right to kill him  )

Also said (Anyone who killed Non Muslim who has covenant with Muslims, the killer will not find the smell of paradise) this means that he will be in hell.

Also we know that the non Muslim who is fighting Muslims after falling as war prisoner we should not kill him.

All of us should understand and let the other Muslims understand that killing the innocent people is not allowed. Teachers in schools and Ulama (scholars)  in Masjid should explain that matter from time to time in order to change this misunderstanding. Islamic parties and groups should explain that to their members that killing is not allowed in Islam and this will lead the killer to the hell.

All of us should work hard in this explanation and put all his efforts to change the mentality of those who are taking this matter so simple.

This defect should be rectified as soon as possible.

Prophet peace be upon him said (don’t return after me disbelievers killing each other)

We should be fearful from Allah and avoid killing innocent people and we should solve our problems in a nice way by discussion. Wrong action should not be replied for by wrong action.

Refer to  several ayat in Qur’an like in Surah Al Isra’ Ayah 33 (And don’t kill anyone whose killing is forbidden by Allah except for a just cause), Surah Al An’am Ayah151(and kill not anyone whom Allah has forbidden except for a just cause) Note: just cause to be decided in courts .

Prophet peace be upon him was seeing his followers under punishment and never said to somebody to go and kill some people from disbelievers. He was telling  those under punishment from Al Yaser ” Patience Al Yaser ,paradise is your destination” therefore Muslims should be patient and endure what happening to them till Allah will give them victory.


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