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Projects of Islamic Nation Reformation Print E-mail

Dear righteous and reformers,

We have two projects to reconstruct our nation:

First Our Islamic Nation  is distributed in many countries ,each country divided in cities  , towns and , villages. Each part has subdivisions and each subdivision has a masjid where Muslims are praying five times daily. Muslims praying in masjid are righteous with different levels and those who are praying at home some of them are righteous but could not come to the masjid either they are females who are praying at home or sick or Muslims who don’t care for praying in masjid and need to be improved by the righteous.

The project phases are:

A) The righteous muslims in the masjid should build good relations with Imam and  the other muslims coming to masjid. They should know each of them the other one, they should know who is poor needs help, the rich ones to help the poor ones, they should visit any one who is sick . This reformation should be continued till a very nice relationship built among them. This reformation should not interfere in politics and they should respect the country regulations.

B) The righteous muslims in the masjid should build good relations with the righteous in other masjids around them even far from their place.This reformation between masjids will continue till we reach to a very nice relationship among the masjids of the country.

C) Those righteous who know this procedure through internet they should  inform the others who have not internet to follow the same procedure for the reformation. Again this should be done respecting the country regulations without interfering in politics.

Second Our Islamic Nation as mentioned in the 1st project has divisions and subdivisions.

The righteous in each country will request  officially to have social cooperative with branches in each city and village. Through those offices they will do their best to build good relationship among muslims. Rich muslims to support poor ones. Educated muslims in Islamic studies will teach those who need more knowledge in Islam.

Physicians to give medical treatment to sick people either they are muslims or non muslims. Many other social activities could be done to reach to the best situation among the people and to attract non muslims to islam. Muslims relationship will reach to a very high level. Now we will think about reformation results in mathematical procedure:

If every righteous could make another ordinary Muslim a righteous within one year.

Next year the two will become four because each one will reform another.

Next year the four will become eight.

Within 32 years we will have more than more than 4,294,967,296 more than 4 billion righteous Muslims.

Take factor for performance of 50% we will have more than 2 billion righteous Muslims.

We should ask help from Allah at the last third of night before (fajr) the dawn to reach to our aims.

Dear brothers and sisters, everything is possible by Allah will and by our efforts.

Let us do our best and the results are in the hands of Allah.

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