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Real Stories for Good Example

In order to reconstruct our Islamic Nation, we should take good example from real stories happened with one of our nation.

1st Story:


With Dou’a by asking our Lord Allah we could reach to our goals with less efforts. It doesn’t mean that we should not try to do but it means that sometimes you haven’t the power to do what you want, in this case we should ask Allah.

Story details:

One night before going to sleep. He was thinking that one of Muslims enemy should be killed because he is dangerous but he has no power to do that.

He said , I need help from Muslim Jinni to kill him, immediately, he said why I will ask for the help from that jinni. I should ask help from Allah the lord of Jinn and human beings.

He said ; Oh Allah my lord , I am asking you to kill that enemy.

He went to sleep , woke up to fajr prayer and went to masjid to pray it with jama’ah.

The prayer just finshed and two persons start taking together, really it is strange to talk immediately after salam the end of the prayer. They went out of the masjid and he followed them to ask about what happened.

He asked them what happened, one of them answered that the other one before closing his shop after midnight had seen TV breaking news that one of Muslims enemy was killed.

The one who was killed is the same one whom he was asking Allah before sleeping to kill him.

Moreover that enemy was killed at the same time he was making Dou’a.

Moreover they questioned the killer about the reason of killing that one.

The killer answered that he killed him by the order of Allah.



  • All of us should make Dou’a and ask Allah, every night before fajr to kill our enemies.
  • It will not need from us much effort to do that.
  • Please righteous and reformers do that continuously and faithfully to our Lord Allah.

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