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Dear Visitor,

Most of the people in the world are following the religion of their parents.

This practice is not perfect. We should search to find which religion is the correct one, which is the right path.

In management nowadays we follow the latest instructions issued by the management. Also the same in religions we should follow the latest after checking its correctness.

Dear Visitor, in Islam we believe that there is only one God (Allah) he is the creator of everything around us in the sky or on earth or in oceans or anywhere. This Allah is the same one that Jews, Christians are believing.

In Islam we believe that Allah has no son, no wife no children no partners. Jews and Christians they believe he has a son. Let us think about this logically, if he has son then he should have wife, children, father and grandfather. In this case we are considering him as human beings or other creatures.

If you are Jew or Christian think about this matter an look in your Bible or Torah, you will not find that Jesus peace be upon him said that in any word in Bible that he is the son of God. He said I am the son of human being.

Dear Visitor, we believe that Jesus was created by Allah in the womb of Mary without father, Allah has the power to do that the same as he created Adam from clay.

We believe in all prophets peace be upon them, Noah, Jones, Ibrahim, Isaac, Jacob, Moses,David ,Solomon,Elias, Jesus and Joseph and others mentioned in Qur’an and sunnah.

We believe in prophets sent by Allah to the other nations but not mentioned in Qur’an or Sunnah.

The last prophet is Mohammed peace be upon him.

We believe in the next life after death, then either the one will go to paradise or hell depends on his deeds.

We believe that Mary the mother of Jesus is one of the best four ladies lived on this earth. We believe that she is better than the mother of our prophet. There is a chapter in Qur’an under her name Mariam while the mother of Mohammed peace be upon him, her name was not mentioned in Qur’an.

To be Muslim just you will say( Ashhadu An La Ilaha Illa Allah wa Ashadu Anna Mohammed Rasool Allah) I believe that there is no God except Allah and I believe that Mohammed is the messenger of Allah. Four other things you should do, Prayers, fasting Ramadan, paying Alms and performing Haj (visiting Makkah) if you are capable for that.

Then you should not hurt any human being by talking or by attacking him by hand or other tools then you will be Muslim. If you will not be good to human beings you will not be considered Muslim.

There are things forbidden in Islam like drinking wine ,eating pork, unlawful marriage, stealing the others properties, riba (bank interest), cheating and telling untruth

This Islam and it is up to you to convert to Islam or not.

Think about this matter seriously for better and stable life.

More Knowledge about Islam it could be provided by other Islamic websites or by visiting any Mosque ( Masjid).

Thank you for visiting this website.

Jazak Allaah Khairen.


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