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Islamic Nation Reconstruction Print E-mail

Dear righteous and reformers,

Our aim is to reconstruct our Islamic Nation based on Qur’an , Sunnah and Engineering technology.

All praise (al hamdu lillah), Thanks to our God, Allah for his blessings and good things we have. Nowadays there are more than one billion Muslims over the world, but we are scattered in many countries , groups which means that the Nation Building is cracked in many parts ,these parts are becoming weak and not safe to live in such building ,even who are beside the building are in risk of falling parts which may hurt them.

We always say and make invocation (dua’) to our Lord to make our nation good but we are not doing to reach to our aim. We are the same as that who is promising his family to build for them a house but he is not trying to make agreement with consultant to design the house nor a contractor to build that house. We should do and work hard to reach to our aim. It is the responsibility of all of us and we should not blame each other without doing anything.

The material to build the nation is available but we have to start collecting these pieces and arrange them by putting each part in its proper position. The parts should be connected to each other in good bonds.

Each part of the nation is very important, the same as the building parts. Foundations, columns, walls, ceiling,  doors , windows, floor, finishing ,plumbing , water supply , electricity and air-conditioning, all are very important and you cannot stay in a house if it is missing any item of those parts.

Nowadays, we are not giving some parts of the nation their rights fully, especially the teachers who are building the future of our sons and daughters, the scholars (ulama’) who are building our Islamic knowledge and leading us in our prayers in front of Allah. Both careers are the lowest paid careers; this situation makes most of them working without feeling happy and reflected on their performance.

The role of reformers and righteous is to reconstruct the Islamic nation properly and faithfully.

We have to pray to Allah and ask his help to reach to our aims, we should depend on him and we should work hard the same as our prophet peace be upon him and his companions from the believers who have worked hard in building the Islamic nation. They have succeeded to reach to their goals in a short time.

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