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In order to reconstruct our Islamic Nation, we should be righteous and doing good deeds. Any part of a building should be as per the requirements and specifications, the same as any member of Islamic Nation should be righteous and good. We should understand that Islam is not only the five pillars of Islam.

Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him said that Islam is built on five, he did not say Islam is only these five things. He was told about a woman praying and fasting but she is dealing with her neighbors with bad behaviors, he said she is in the hell. He said Moslem is the one that the people are safe from his tongue and hands, which means he is not hurting them talking or by action.

The pillars of Islam are the foundation of Islamic Nation ,that we should do them but the building of the nation is more than that. If somebody tell you that these are the foundation of a house, go and live there, you will say how to live where there is only the foundation. Also you will not accept to live in a house without foundations because you will be afraid that it will collapse and it is not safe.

Dear Muslims, to be righteous do what is required from you in Qur’an and Sunnah and do not do what is forbidden as instructed by Qur’an and Sunnah.

The following things are some of what we have to do in addition to the five pillars of Islam:

  • Be good to your neighbors either they are Muslims or non Muslims.

  • Help the poor people by giving them some money as Sadaqah (Charity).

  • Ask about those who are praying with you in the masjid, take the mobile number of them in order to  visit them if they are sick, Help them to solve their problems, Visit them if they are not coming to the masjid to remind them of the importance of praying in masjid.

  • Build good relation with Imam, take his mobile number, tell him about poor people in the area around the masjid,if you are sick call him and tell him that you are sick and in house or hospital, tell him about any one sick or die in the area around Masjid (Mosque).

  • Spare some money monthly even small amount and give it to Imam for poor people.

  • Be good and nice with your parents, give them what they need, don’t say to them any word which will hurt their feelings. 

  • Visit your relatives , help them and build with them good relations.

  • Don’t deal with forbidden matters like riba (which is called wrongly interest).

  • Don’t look to the body of the foreign women and avoid to fall in Zena (unlawful sex).

  • Pray jama’ah in the Masjid.

  • Fast at least three days each islamic month. 

  • Don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t waste your time in useless things.

  • Remember Allah and mention his name and say more of (La Hawl wala qowata illa billah), read Qur’an at least one juzu daily.

  • Remember Rasool Allah our prophet and send your salat on him and his family(Ask Allah to bless him).

  • Say Isteghfar( Ask Allah to forgive you) at least seventy times daily.

  • Accept what Allah has given you of money and properties and you should know that you will not get more than what decided by Allah.

  • Endure and be patient to reach to your aims.

  • Every night in the last third of night before fajr get up and pray night prayer with Witr (3 rak’ah) and ask Allah anything you need, ask Allah to forgive you, Ask Allah for your Muslim brothers who are sick for recovery , to help them and to solve their problems.
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